NetFinance 2014 (past event)

27 - 29 April, 2014

 Microsoft , Singapore, FL


Andres Wolberg-Stok

Global Mobile and Tablet Banking Director

09:30 Developing A Digital Strategy Framework That Is More Objective & Less Form Factor And Platform Specific

When our lineup of digital channels expanded from web to mobile and then to tablets, for a while it all seemed relatively manageable. But now, we can see over the horizon and we know better: in a world of “wearables”, of tablets and laptops that become increasingly indistinguishable, and of an Internet of Things in which everything is connected to everything else and to the Cloud, we simply won’t be able to keep building and managing new channels and touchpoints from scratch every time. So, how do we cope with the blurring of the lines between channels and between an exploding number of device classes?

Join this session for a discussion of...
• How the familiar distinctions between devices are rapidly starting to blur – just as we were getting comfortable
• How the emerging age of new types of devices and connections will leave us no option but to rethink the way we dice and slice our offerings
• What our customers will be expecting – and demanding – and why
• Formulating service and user-interface strategies that let us provide the information and services users need, across channels and touchpoints
• A vision for an integrated framework to develop your digital strategies – the Modularization approach

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Andres.

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