NetFinance 2014 (past event)

27 - 29 April, 2014

 Microsoft , Singapore, FL


2014 AGENDA: Day 1: Mobile Day

07:20 - 08:00 Registration & Breakfast sponsored by comScore


Edwin Wong

Senior Director, B2B Strategic Research & Insights

08:15 - 08:45 OPENING KEYNOTE: Engaging The Augmented Customer

Brett King - Founder, Movenbank
Brett King is a bestselling author, American Banker’s Innovator of the Year for 2012 and the founder of the direct mobile bank Moven. He is an International Judge for the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, the Asian Banker Retail Excellence Awards and for the Middle-East Business Achievement Awards.

A global thought leader in financial services and customer experience, King is a sought after expert on innovation, technology disruption, customer experience and channel distribution strategy. In this dynamic presentation, he will discuss banking of the future and what you should be doing to engage your customers, NOW.

Brett King


More than ever before, consumers are moving between different media channels, platforms and devices to make get the most out of their time. According to Google, over 90% of people switch between digital devices in order to accomplish tasks. What additional data does this provide? How do financial institutions take and use this to create a more personalised customer experience?

Takeaways include:
• What are the top features & functionalities to focus on for each device type?
• How Will That Shift In The Next 2-3 Years?
• Historically financial services only had transactional data to analyse trends, now they have a wealth of information on customer touch points - but how do you use this to improve customer experience?
• The year of the mobile has been – and continues. Huge growth in mobile usage provides even more data but how do we understand how mobile changes customer behavior?
• Customers are using multiple devices and visiting sites more frequently – how do financial services adapt to this?
• How far can you push personalisation without creating a disjointed customer journey?

Aashir Shroff

Global Account Manager, Financial Services
Wells Fargo


Dan Marks

CMO- Financial Services
Sears Holdings Corp.


Mushter Moin

Head of e-Business Commercial Markets
The Hartford

09:30 - 09:50 Developing A Digital Strategy Framework That Is More Objective & Less Form Factor And Platform Specific

Andres Wolberg-Stok - Global Mobile and Tablet Banking Director, Citi
When our lineup of digital channels expanded from web to mobile and then to tablets, for a while it all seemed relatively manageable. But now, we can see over the horizon and we know better: in a world of “wearables”, of tablets and laptops that become increasingly indistinguishable, and of an Internet of Things in which everything is connected to everything else and to the Cloud, we simply won’t be able to keep building and managing new channels and touchpoints from scratch every time. So, how do we cope with the blurring of the lines between channels and between an exploding number of device classes?

Join this session for a discussion of...
• How the familiar distinctions between devices are rapidly starting to blur – just as we were getting comfortable
• How the emerging age of new types of devices and connections will leave us no option but to rethink the way we dice and slice our offerings
• What our customers will be expecting – and demanding – and why
• Formulating service and user-interface strategies that let us provide the information and services users need, across channels and touchpoints
• A vision for an integrated framework to develop your digital strategies – the Modularization approach

Andres Wolberg-Stok

Global Mobile and Tablet Banking Director

09:50 - 10:25 Client Success Story: Focusing On Your Customers’ Best Interests To Improve Relationships And Drive Utilization Of Products And Services

Ido Ophir - VP Product, Personetics Ophir Shtrim - Head of Consumer Service, Isracard Group
There is a challenge institutions around the globe are facing: How to better engage their customers and drive utilization of products and services. See how a leading FI is strengthening customer trust
and loyalty and finding ways to make banking personal, intimate and engaging. Join us as we look at the journey our client took to achieve some outstanding results

Ido Ophir

VP Product

Ophir Shtrim

Head of Consumer Service
Isracard Group

10:25 - 10:45 Finding Out The Balance Between Releases, Functionality & Bigger Ticket Items To Be Iterative While Keeping Up With Consumer Demands

Patrizio Spagnoletto - Head of Digital, Farmers Insurance
In the past mobile app releases were done annually. Now they need to be quarterly or semi annually with pretty significant changes for customer demand, while having to manage huge regulatory and financial pressures. Therefore, how do you keep up with demand, while being restricted in terms of resources? How do you create more with less? This session will look at:
• Discovering what you should pull from the branch and take to mobile
• Investigating best practices to manage release cycles
• Determining how to keep up with iterations of smartphones operating systems, new technologies etc.
• Examining the role of innovation labs & how they can help you focus on bigger ticket items 2-3 years down the road
• Understanding the top 3 or 4 features/functionality you should focus on and how that will shift
• Finding out the nuances of iOS users and Android users and how you should adjust accordingly

Patrizio Spagnoletto

Head of Digital
Farmers Insurance

10:45 - 11:15 Morning Break

11:15 - 11:35 Using Data Mining And Predictive Analytics To Measure & Learn From Mobile Data, As Well As Integrate It With Other Channels, To Create A More Personalized Customer Journey

Deva Annamalai - SVP, Marketing Technology and Data Insights, Zions Bancorporation
Traditional Marketing as we know is dead. In this new age, CMO and CIO will have to build a strategic partnership to break the Marketing and IT boundaries. Using Customer Analytics, Big Data technologies and Marketing automation across various digital, social and retail points of interaction, an organization will have to redefine the way how it crafts its customer experience.
Customers do not have the patience and tolerance to excuse poor user experience with your brand. How can you re-invent yourself to face this brave new world?

Deva Annamalai

SVP, Marketing Technology and Data Insights
Zions Bancorporation

11:35 - 11:55 Building A Three Screen Retirement Experience for the Next Generation

Eric Brickman - SVP, Strategic Solutions Group, The Newport Group Simon Mathews - Chief Strategy Officer, Extractable
See how new paradigms in design for mobile, tablet and desktop retirement planning experiences can drive better outcomes for retirement plan participants.

Eric Brickman

SVP, Strategic Solutions Group
The Newport Group


Simon Mathews

Chief Strategy Officer

11:55 - 12:35 Beyond Servicing PANEL: How Do You Use Mobile For Acquisition & How Do You Monetize It?

Lewis Goodwin - President and CEO, GoBank Dan Dickinson - VP Digital Banking, Equitable Bank Matt Leger - National Director of Mobile, Yahoo!
Mobile has hit a new era. The majority of North American Financial Institutions have a mobilized website and some sort of App strategy. Now it is time to move beyond the basics and look at how we can leverage what we already have in place. This session will investigate:

• What else is there? What advantage / benefits do experience based interactions offer financial services?
• What are the next level of services that customers want?
• Data tells us customers are 3x more likely to use mobile influence offline- how can we leverage that for apps?
• Responsively designed app? There are different ones for websites
• Intelligently adjust to Android, iPhone, Windows etc
• App v mobile websites: time/ resource dedication
• Focus on which operating systems, what the differences are and how to get the best from each one without requiring a huge amount of bespoke work on each area

Lewis Goodwin

President and CEO

Dan Dickinson

VP Digital Banking
Equitable Bank


Matt Leger

National Director of Mobile

SESSION # 1 – One Platform for Customer Engagement
Using single product strategy to implement multi-channel content and service solutions using Liferay

SESSION # 2 -- PwC
The nexus of Technology breakthroughs and customer experience has given rise to Omnichannel Banking, while an accepted customer
expectation, few banks do it well.

The emergence of mobile as a primary interaction channel has created a catalyst for banks to finally solve channel integration. Key challenges for
banks include:

-How to organize to get this done
-Ensuring your strategy is sound and adaptive to dynamic change
-Channel Integration: people, process and technology
-Meeting and exceeding customer expectations

Dean Nicolacakis will share PwC's views as to how banks can use mobile as the catalyst to deploy a practical omni-channel program

SESSION # 3 -- Enabling Digital Agility: The Business Case for Mobile Test Automation
As banks strive to push a continual flow of sophisticated services to their customers’ mobile devices, they find themselves up against an ever-growing bottleneck: the time and effort it takes to validate that these services work flawlessly across a rising number of diverse mobile devices, operating systems and screens. We call this growing mobile device validation phenomenon “the fan effect”. The immense increase in a bank’s effort to manage this “fan effect” and certify that its mobile banking products are functionally ready requires embracing some new techniques, processes and skills beyond traditional approaches. Blackstone will discuss the “fan effect” phenomenon, the business case for re-thinking how to approach mobile device testing, as well as share some techniques that can help reduce a bank’s mobile testing cycle times by up to 85%.
SESSION # 4 -- Planet Media

Marc Lamoureux



Dean Nicolacakis

Partner, US Banking Team Co-Lead, Financial Services Research Institute Lea


Kenneth Hans

Executive Director
Blackstone Technology


Clay Almy

Executive Director, Financial Services
Blackstone Technology Group


13:30 - 14:30 Lunch for all Attendees

Invitation Only Lunch Workshops

13:30 - 14:30 Concurrent Invitation Only Workshop Lunches
Invitation Only Workshop & Private Luncheon
Hosted By Ernst & Young LLC

Invitation Only Workshop & Private Luncheon
Hosted By mGage

TRACK A: Mobile & Tablet Banking

14:30 - 14:35 Chairperson's Opening Address

TRACK B: Game Changing Innovation

14:30 - 14:35 Chairperson's Opening Address Andres Wolberg-Stok - Global Mobile and Tablet Banking Director, Citi


Andres Wolberg-Stok

Global Mobile and Tablet Banking Director

TRACK A: Mobile & Tablet Banking

14:35 - 14:55 What Do Shopping, Security and Banking Have in Common? Plenty! Dominic Venturo - Chief Innovation Officer for Payments Service, US Bank
The Payments Innovation team at U.S. Bank have been piloting new technology that changes the way consumers interact with their devices, how they authenticate, and how they shop. All with a goal of improving the customer experience and making payments and banking seamless. From augmented reality to voice biometrics, this fast paced session will provide insight into what works, what doesn't and what might be next.

Dominic Venturo

Chief Innovation Officer for Payments Service
US Bank

TRACK B: Game-Changing Innovation

14:35 - 14:55 Capital One Innovation Case Study Scott Zimmer - Innovation and Digital Design Vice President, Capital One


Scott Zimmer

Innovation and Digital Design Vice President
Capital One

TRACK A: Mobile & Tablet Banking

14:55 - 15:20 Case Study: Optimizing Performance and Results via “Situational” Mobile and Web Delivery Lorenz Jakober - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Akamai Technologies
With the ongoing competitive pressure to deliver richer content and more features, how can you also meet user expectations for faster performance? What are the latest tools to adapt content delivery to each user’s “situation”: mobile device type, browser, operating system, and connection quality?

Lorenz Jakober

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Akamai Technologies

TRACK B: Game-Changing Innovation

14:55 - 15:20 Engaging Mobile Customers Through Content, Display, Alerts and More Dan Latimore - Senior Vice President of Banking Team, Celent
Mobile adoption has skyrocketed, yet a large percentage of the population still doesn’t use mobile devices for any kind of personal finance. What are the statistics today, and what can banks do to improve engagement? Celent will share findings from its extensive research and share examples of best practices from across the industry.

Dan Latimore

Senior Vice President of Banking Team

TRACK A: Mobile & Tablet Banking

15:20 - 15:40 Taking advantage of new technology and digital payment options to help drive your digital payments strategy and reach new and existing customers Angeline Tang - Vice President, U.S. Emerging Payments, MasterCard International
How financial institutions can take advantage of new technology and digital payment options to reach new customers, enhance customer service through new touch points, and expand services tied to mobile payments

Angeline Tang

Vice President, U.S. Emerging Payments
MasterCard International

TRACK B: Game-Changing Innovation

15:20 - 15:40 Open Innovation FIRESIDE CHAT: Using External Partnerships To Advance An Innovation Agenda Dave Passavant - SVP, Banking Innovation Center Director, PNC
• The fundamentals of the business case for open innovation: articulating need, getting buy-in, investments required, tangible and holistic ROI
• Infrastructure challenges: data sharing, IP, internal stakeholder engagement
• Frameworks for identifying and evaluating opportunities
• A case study: PNC's Center for Financial Services Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University

Dave Passavant

SVP, Banking Innovation Center Director

15:40 - 16:10 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break

16:10 - 16:30 The New Laws of Customer Attraction: Building Effective Digital Channel Strategies to Attract and Retail the Right Customers

16:30 - 16:50 Deconstructing The Primary Consumer Drivers For Mobile Payments

Nick Holland - Senior Analyst of Payments, Javelin Strategy & Research


Nick Holland

Senior Analyst of Payments
Javelin Strategy & Research

This is your chance to be in a smaller, intimate group to discuss the latest
in mobile, disruptive technologies and organizational agility. Pick one
topic and interact with your peers.

1. How You Differentiate Your Mobile App Vs. Your Online
Scott Finder, SVP Digital Channels, First Republic Bank

2. What Can We Pull From The Branch To The Mobile Phone?
Jim Simpson, SVP, CTO, City Bank Texas

3. How Do You Create A Great Customer Experience Through
Mobile? What Can Be Applied From Online To Mobile?
Scott Cady, VP, Mobile Banking, The Huntington National Bank

4. What Are The Latest Developments In Responsive Web
Ed Uyeshima, Director of Digital Marketing, RS Investments

5. How Do You Supervise Risk And Security In The Cloud?
Senior Executive, To Be Announced

6. How Do You Organize Teams And Lines Of Business Around
Responsive Design?
Senior Executive, To Be Announced

7. How Can Digital Be Used For Small Business Banking Models?
How Can Bill Pay/Invoicing/Payments Be Used Effectively?
Senior Executive, To Be Announced

8. How Do You Increase Adoption Of Mobile Users To 70% ?
Thomas Foresta, CIO, Dean Bank

9. Keeping Up With Device Proliferation & Multiple Operating
Systems: Where Do You Focus Your Efforts?
Senior Executive, To Be Announced

10. Augmented Reality: What Are The Use Cases?
Senior Executive, To Be Announced

Jim Simpson

Vice President of Information Technology
City Bank


Thomas Foresta

Dean Bank


Ed Uyeshima

Senior Financial Services & Digital Strategy Leader
RS Investments

Adam Devlin

VP Digital Channels
First Republic Bank

17:30 - 18:30 Cocktail Reception

18:30 - 23:59 Close of Mobile Channel Day