NetFinance 2014 (past event)

27 - 29 April, 2014

 Microsoft , Singapore, FL


2014 AGENDA: Day 2: Omni-Channel & Big Data Day

07:25 - 08:00 Registration & Breakfast sponsored by comScore


Farrell Hudzik

Managing Director, Accenture Interactive, Financial Services

How Do You Organize To Deliver A True Omni-Channel Experience? If you look at entire customer journey, what do you need to do to provide a genuine omni-channel journey? How are you organizing to win? In what way are customers interacting with you to help you do that? Where is the line between privacy and creating a useful, personalized experience to the customer? With an
incredible line-up of panelists, this session will investigate:

• When transforming your business to become truly omnichannel, how do you decide where to start?
• Discovering how to set up a multi-channel organization:
• Merging lines and customer cost through channels
• How do we create common objectives and organization goals?
• Customers doesn’t think in terms of channels- how do we make our organizational structure mirror this?
• How do you keep your customer at the heart of your change program, especially when their needs and expectations are changing even as your development is underway?
• As the type of devices used to access content increase year on year, how do you ensure that the customer's experience of your brand is consistently excellent?
• How are these organisations measuring across channels?
• How they are combining data?

Patrizio Spagnoletto

Head of Digital
Farmers Insurance


Eliel Johnson

Managing Director of User Experience - Mobile, Web & Desktop Applications
Charles Schwab

Ryan Miller

Vice President, Digital Sales
Bank of the West


Andrew Artemenko

Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing and Content Strategy
Bank of America


Ido Ophir

VP Product

09:05 - 09:25 How Current Trends are Shaping the New Economy and the 10 Growth Areas of Tomorrow for Business

Jared Weiner - Vice President Weiner, Edrich, Brown Inc.
Jared Weiner will leverage his experience as a futurist working with some of the world’s largest companies to uncover several emerging consumer trends for 2014…and beyond…that will significantly impact the future. This session will focus on the major growth areas of the emerging Metaspace Economy, and the important trends that underlie those growth areas. Together, we
will take a powerful, quick-hitting journey into the short- and long-term future to uncover the growth opportunities of tomorrow for business – specifically within digital. Among the concepts discussed, will be:

• Time as the new value proposition of the emerging economy
• The profound shift toward image-based communication
• The rise and evolution of alternative, digital currencies
• Advancements in the study of the human brain, mind and decision-making processes
• The importance of design thinking and design-inspired leadership in the development of everything

Jared Weiner

Vice President
Weiner, Edrich, Brown Inc.

09:25 - 10:00 Internet of Things or Internet of Vulnerabilities?

Lee-Lin Thye - Senior Product Marketing Manager Symantec
Just when you thought you have a handle on mobile banking, the Internet of Things is now the next “Big Thing”. The ecosystem for this technology will be an $8.9 trillion market in 2020, according to IDC. Your customer’s smart refrigerator is enabled to withdraw money from their account to order food. You may be exchanging information with your customers through some eyewear.

Opportunities abound for interaction with your customers through the many “things” that are connected to the internet. On the other hand, this landscape of opportunities can also turn into the “Internet of Vulnerabilities”. Learn about this new trend and be prepared for it.

• How does the Internet of Things affect the way you work
• What are the privacy and security issues around this trend
• What are the best practices to protect your customers from cybercriminals while strengthening trust with your customers and increasing your brand equity

Lee-Lin Thye

Senior Product Marketing Manager

10:00 - 10:20 FIRE-SIDE CHAT: Determining How To Bring Digital To The Branch By Utilizing Mobile, NFC & Other Newer Technologies

Larry McClanahan - VP- Director of Digital Delivery Fifth Third Bank
The retail banking industry is at a key turning point. The cost of managing customers through massive branch networks is outstripping many banks’ ability to generate profits.
Meanwhile, a jaded consumer base increasingly interacts with their banks through virtual channels. Ultimately, these two forces will lead to new distribution models, customer experience platforms, crowd-sourced business models and other game-changing innovations that will redefine the banking industry.

This session will look at:
• Understanding where the starting point for the branch of the future begins
• Getting to grips with the KPIs/metrics to measure success & profitable
• How do you measure success in branch of the future?
• Investigating the latest technologies to deploy in the branch to create a more digital experience
• Examining what branches will look like in two, five & ten years time

Larry McClanahan

VP- Director of Digital Delivery
Fifth Third Bank

10:20 - 10:50 Morning Break

10:50 - 11:30 Build vs. Buy PANEL: Creating An Environment That Allows You To Be More Flexible, Test Things At A Much Easier Rate And Lower Cost

Jay Tkachuk - Online Services Manager Security Service Federal Credit Union Pankaj Parekh - VP Mobile Banking Wells Fargo Steve Dille - SVP Marketing Message Systems
How Do You Build A Technology Ready, Responsive, Nimble

Customers continue to expand their digital banking toolkit, seeking to streamline their lives with new functionality while demanding excellent user experience. At the same time, the rapid pace of innovation and fierce competitive landscape have fragmented the market and introduced a degree of uncertainty not seen in the fin-tech field in twenty years. How do you keep up and remain relevant to your customers? Do you have the chops to manage your own digital banking roadmap?

This session will address:
• Overview of the major digital banking trends
• Main considerations of the build vs. buy decision
• Foundation for successfully bringing digital banking roadmap management in-house
• How does a team structure to deliver a faster, better manner?
• Is it agile processing and development?
• Can you deliver in that method by more of a standard project management cycle?
• If you bring in-house: what do customers want? Do consumers want native or responsive design?
• What research was put out there to understand what they are going to use?
• Usage trade-offs of one vs. another

Jay Tkachuk

Online Services Manager
Security Service Federal Credit Union

Pankaj Parekh

VP Mobile Banking
Wells Fargo


Steve Dille

SVP Marketing
Message Systems

11:30 - 00:05 Innovating Analytics: Gaining A Competitive Advantage In A Customer-Driven World

Brendan Deasy - Industry Director, Financial Services ForeSee
Company executives are facing tremendous challenges as they try to navigate through today’s customer-driven landscape. As this generation of consumers’ expectations and technological capabilities continue to evolve so too must the analytics used to measure the experiences they have with companies and organizations. ForeSee Director, Brendan Deasy, will discuss the need for a comprehensive system of metrics that eliminates metric silos to better support today’s multi-channel, multi-device world we live in. He will explain how this new generation of predictive customer experience analytics can be a strategic asset and help increase the velocity of growth for your business. This session will explore: • What the next generation of Customer Experience Analytics is and how it will help you better understand and improve the customer experience • How predictive customer experience analytics can help you manage your business more effectively and drive deepened relationships • How customer centricity requires a holistic view across customer journeys rather than in channel silos.

Brendan Deasy

Industry Director, Financial Services

00:05 - 12:35 Developing A Roadmap For Delighting Customers In An Increasingly

Michal Panowicz - Managing Director | Products, Digital Channels and Marketing mBank
The retail banking and financial services customer has changed and changed at pace. You have to run very fast just to keep up and the complexity of what makes a great experience keeps increasing. Whether it be through mobile, social, online, on the phone or in branches, the digital game just got a whole lot more interesting. So how do you join the dots together? With a leading thought leader in this space and one of our Advisory Board members, attend this session hear:

• Developing a step by step guide to understand your customer journey and shift from channel obsessed to customer obsessed: bringing the customer into everything you do
• Discovering how to join the dots together to encourage loyalty by implementing cross channel CRM, analytics and business intelligence
• Getting to grips with the tools & techniques out there to get a better handle customer behavior and interactions with FI’s
• Implementing a marketing strategy that is fit for purpose depending on the target audience and creates a truly personalized customer experience
• Determining how to ensure you deliver a consistent brand message across different channels, regardless of how different they medium may be

Michal Panowicz

Managing Director | Products, Digital Channels and Marketing

SESSION # 1 – Creating the Digital Bank of Tomorrow: Launching Backbase Engage

Banking as we know it is changing. Mergers and acquisitions. Software companies like Google and Paypal moving into the financial space and new entrants such as Moven and recently acquired Simple are targeting the customers. Banks need to keep up. To help banks and credit unions to deliver a Simple like omni-channel banking experience, Backbase is launching Backbase Engage at Netfinance 2014. A out of the box direct bank, ready for the next level of banking.

In this presentation, we will share our vision and best practices in implementing the Bank of Tomorrow. With a strong focus on digital and mobile banking, the omni-channel customer journey and how to improve customer loyalty and retention when working in the new era of engagement banking. We will offer clear guidelines in delivering a new Bank 2.0 customer experience that puts your bank on the level of Amazon, Facebook and Apple: exactly what the modern day banking customer expects from financial institutions.

SESSION # 2 – Creative Virtual USA: Talk Type and Tap to get Personalized Answers in Any Channel
SESSION # 3 – Omni Channel Sales & Marketing for Financial Services

Since 2008, the financial services industry landscape has changed – drastically. Customer loyalty? It’s fading fast. New competitors? They’re entering quickly and are here to stay. Customer expectations? They never stop rising. Budgets? Tighter than ever. As a result, the pressures to manage costs, improve efficiencies, and maximize return on equity – all within a highly regulated environment, are greater than ever. In other words – financial services needs to raise its compete level.

In turn, the pressure on digital performance professionals has become unrelenting. That’s because the applications and infrastructure that underpins virtually every aspect of the financial services industry has continued to evolve and accelerate, changing how companies acquire, retain, and expand relationships with customers.

At this case study presentation, learn how 2 of the world’s leading brands have implemented digital performance optimization strategies that yielded technological improvements and impressive financial results.

Richard Simons

Creative Virtual USA


Jelmer De Jong

Global Head of Marketing


Andrew Custard

VP, Americas


Ryan Farris


Lunch for all Attendees

13:20 - 14:15 Lunch

Invitation Only Lunch Workshops

13:20 - 14:15 Concurrent Invitation Only Workshop Lunches
Invitation Only Workshop & Private Luncheon
Hosted By Symantec

Invitation Only Workshop & Private Luncheon
Hosted By Leadfusion

TRACK A: Omni-Channel Integration

14:15 - 14:20 Chairperson's Opening Address
Invitation Only Workshop & Private Luncheon
Hosted By Symantec

Invitation Only Workshop & Private Luncheon
Hosted By Leadfusion

TRACK B: Consumer Insights and Analytics

14:15 - 14:20 Chairperson's Opening Address

TRACK A: Omni-Channel Integration

14:20 - 14:40 Reengineering Platforms & Models To Become Customer Obsessed In An Omni-Channel World Alejandro Carriles - Executive Vice President, Director of Mobile Strategy and Retail Innovatio Compass Bank Shares
What Is The Implication On My Existing Legacy System? How Do You Integrate?

Learn how one large financial institution is defining it’s Omni Channel strategy – how all of the channels need to work together on servicing clients and creating a significant digital migration.

How will the continuous adoption of digital channels help clients better manage their financial lives and achieve Financial Well Being in both the short and long term?


Alejandro Carriles

Executive Vice President, Director of Mobile Strategy and Retail Innovatio
Compass Bank Shares

TRACK B: Customer Insights & Analytics

14:20 - 14:40 Segmenting & Prioritizing Customers To Determine Where You Can Have High Impact And High Returns
• Identifying how to segment by evaluating channel usage, customer transaction profile, type of accounts they use, demographics & more
• Where do you get your best bang for your buck?
• Implementing personalized & segmented campaigns to create a greater customer experience
• How does it look from an organizational perspective?
• How do you create a consistent campaign?

TRACK A: Omni-Channel Integration

14:40 - 15:05 Solving Compliance Across Channels Nick Christy - SVP Enterprise Technology R2integrated
When the number one goal of providing an engaging customer experience is delayed, hindered or otherwise challenged because of privacy and compliance regulations, it’s difficult to advance in digital maturity as well as efficient lead nurturing. Managing multiple sites and digital channels exponentially increases the margin for error with regard to updating compliance copy and digital assets. R2i will discuss the considerations, strategy and long-term value of using a marketing cloud to address compliance challenges across multiple digital properties.
- Defining the reference architecture and marketing cloud that connects all digital channels
- Building a compliance messaging and digital asset roadmap
- Aligning compliance KPIs with customer experience objectives
- Applying the right marketing cloud solutions to the KPIs
- Integrating channels and technologies for a streamlined approach


Nick Christy

SVP Enterprise Technology

TRACK B: Customer Insights & Analytics

14:40 - 15:05 Data-Driven Insights in an Omni-Channel World Andrei Utkin - Director, Professional Services Neustar
The explosion of data is changing the practice of marketing across the financial services industry. Marketers crave the benefits of Omni-Channel but often lack the analytics to make it work. Organizations are realizing the strategic value of their internal data assets paired with external market intelligence to drive decisions; yet many companies are challenged with the complexity of how to use this information. Halo brand advertising with high-level reach or awareness metrics is increasingly being replaced by direct response marketing with return on investment as the main measure of success. Segmentation and attribution have become critical to driving effective online and offline marketing campaigns that cut through the clutter. Andrei Utkin, Director of Professional Services at Neustar, will discuss how transformative organizations are adopting technology and incorporating data across their marketing value chain for strategic decisions to create a complete, real-time portrait of their prospects and customers and enable a personalized dialogue across all marketing channels with highly measurable results.

Andrei Utkin

Director, Professional Services

TRACK A: Omni-Channel Integration

15:05 - 15:25 Driving Digital Adoption Melanie Woods - Digital Product Manager UMB Financial Corporation
How Do You Convert The End User Into Using Online Channels Instead Of Traditional Channels?

Are you trying to move customers from high-cost traditional channels to low-cost digital channels? If the answer is yes, this is the session for you. Still not sure if it’s more important than spending time at the pool? Well, try this on for size. You’ll not only learn how to migrate customers, but also how to increase share-ofwallet at the same time, without increasing cost or needing anything from IT. Learn all of this first-hand from the strategist at UMB Bank that designed and implemented the program.

• How to migrate customers to digital (online, mobile, ATM)
• How to increase share-of-wallet while doing so
• How to measure it
• Shocking results

Melanie Woods

Digital Product Manager
UMB Financial Corporation

TRACK B: Customer Insights & Analytics

15:05 - 15:25 Beyond Customer Service: Using Feedback for a Customer-Centric Strategy Alex Jimenez - Senior Vice President and Director Digital Channel Management Rockland Trust Company
Bank customers have a story to tell you about what great or terrible service they have received from your bank. Why do we prefer to have them distill that story into a survey’s check boxes? This session examines how one bank gathers customer’s feedback stories from many different sources to serve the customer and to drive strategy across all channels.

Feedback as a:
• A driver of Cultural Change
• way to Inform Business Strategy
• source of Process Improvement Opportunities
• tool for Risk Management


Alex Jimenez

Senior Vice President and Director Digital Channel Management
Rockland Trust Company

TRACK A: Omni-Channel Integration

15:25 - 15:45 Integrating The Virtual Branch Alongside Your Other Channels Jon Biskner - Vice President of Information Technology Nicolet National Bank
Right now, the customer has the ability, through technology, to redefine convenience beyond a geography. Do you know where your “virtual branch” is today? After looking at my organization, I found the “virtual branch” everywhere, on the PC, on the tablet, on the mobile, on VOIP, in Exchange……. get the picture. As the “virtual branch” explodes into every medium possible, one thing became clear, banks have been slow to integrate the service aspects of banking. This integration needs to start in the call center. The call center needs to become the “Virtual Bank”, are you ready?

Virtual Branch:
  • ATM – capabilities, capabilities, capabilities.
  • Tele Bank – are you serious
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Capture / RDC– no more
  • Mobile Banking
  • Bill Payment

Service –
  • Relationships – how digital changed the way we do business
  • Skills – technical skills in higher demand
  • Data – collecting the data is only part of the solution
  • Staffing - how the explosion of banking mediums impact staffing

Jon Biskner

Vice President of Information Technology
Nicolet National Bank

TRACK B: Omni-Channel Integration

15:25 - 15:45 Creating Visibility Of Data From All Channels In One Place Parin Kothari - Senior Manager of Online Channel Product Management TD Bank Group
• Discovering how to get your arms around the 6 or 7 baseline digital channels
• Do have a dashboard for that?
• Who is responsible for gathering that data?
• Finding out how to get around disparate data sources and data sources that are not normalized
• How are you using the data?
• Is the information useful in managing the business?
• What do you do with it?
• Cost and benefit aspects of big data
• What’s the tipping point for it to be profitable?

Parin Kothari

Senior Manager of Online Channel Product Management
TD Bank Group

15:45 - 16:15 Afternoon Networking Break

16:15 - 16:55 PANEL: Realizing How To Use Models To Measure ROI On Projects Particularly If It Is Not Related To Sales Generation

Silu Modi - Vice President of Marketing Macquarie Financial Services Sheryl Larson - Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing Northern Trust Co

What Are The Latest Methodologies To Convince Your CFO To Invest In Digital?
Given the large size of banks, robust enterprise solutions & technology costs get very high. Therefore the focus on ROI is very big. Every change requires significant investment & high security. The proposal approval cycle is tough & vigorous. With the huge rise in digital financial services offerings, there are some opportunities out there that you know are incredibly valuable to customers, but too complex and difficult to prove the return. So how do you build it anyway? This session will look at:
• Breaking down the criteria used to select projects to get them through the innovation funnel
• Understanding what goes into complicated financial models to prove long term ROI for a financial institution
• Getting to grips with new metrics including ROO (Return on Objective)
• Focusing in on what leadership is trying to affect - awareness, perception and consideration
• Discovering how to utilize scorecards, processes, analysts ensure return is delivered on these projects

Silu Modi

Vice President of Marketing
Macquarie Financial Services


Sheryl Larson

Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing
Northern Trust Co

This is your chance to be in a smaller, intimate group to discuss the
latest in mobile, disruptive technologies and organizational agility.
There will be 2x rotations for these roundtables.

1. How Does A Team Structure To Deliver A Faster, Better
Manner? Is It Agile Processing And Development? Can You
Deliver In That Method By More Of A Standard Project
Management Cycle?
Derrick R. Brooks, VP, Digital Solutions, Scottrade, Inc

2. A Multi-Channel, Omni-Channel Discussion: Optimize
Transactions And Establishing A Best Practice Approach To
Roadmap Planning Across Channels
Patrick Reetz, MD, Online and Mobile Banking US, BMO Harris

3. What Value Add Services Can Data Provide Us? How Can
We Translate Data In Revenue?
Sheri Taylor Gilchrist, VP, Director of Relationship Marketing, Eaton

4. Building The Business Case For Big Data Infrastructure
What’s The Tipping Point For It To Be Profitable? How Do You
Manipulate The Huge Amount Of Data To Translate It Into Useful
Information For The End User?
Senior Executive, To Be Announced

5. What Are The Latest Developments In Internal Collaborative
Tools To Boost Digital?
Dale Avery, AVP Enterprise Services, State Farm

6. What Emerging Social Media Channels Should You Be
Focused On?
Deborah Well, Director of E-Business, Harbor Capital Advisors

7. User-Centered Design
Jim Denton, VP Head of Experience Design, City National Bank

8. Meeting the Needs of the Omni-Channel Customers Through A Fragmented Environment of Delivery Systems
Jay Spahr, SVP, eCommerce, Salem Five

9. Shifting Brick & Mortar Establishments To Digital: How Do
You Overcome The Barriers?
Patrizio Spagnoletto, Head of Digital, Farmers Insurance

10. What Is Social Selling? Can Social Channels Actually Drive
Measurable Revenue?
Silu Modi, Head Social Sales COE, RBC

Silu Modi

Vice President of Marketing
Macquarie Financial Services

Patrick Reetz

Vice-President, Fidelity Labs and Fidelity Center for Social Media
BMO Financial Group


Patrizio Spagnoletto

Head of Digital
Farmers Insurance


Derrick Brooks

VP Digital Solutions


Sheri Taylor Gilchrist

VP, Director of Relationship Marketing
Eaton Vance


Deborah Well

Director of E-Business
Harbor Capital Advisors


Jay Spahr

Director eBusiness
Salem Five Savings

This is your opportunity to discuss the hottest topics in an intimate,
financial institution only group.

ROUNDTABLE #1: Small Banks & Credit Unions
Daniel Souers, eMarketing Director, MAX Credit Union

ROUNDTABLE #2: Midsize Banks & Credit Unions
Chris Barlow, VP eBanking,Webster Bank

ROUNDTABLE #3: Large Banks & Credit Unions
Sean Murray, Executive Director, Digital Platforms Group Leader,
JPMorgan Chase

ROUNDTABLE #4: Insurance
Steve Yacik, VP Digital, Chubb Personal Insurance

ROUNDTABLE #5: Asset Management
Sheri Taylor Gilchrist, VP, Director of Relationship Marketing, Eaton

Sean Murray

Executive Director of ePayments and Online Product Strategy
JP Morgan Chase


Sheri Taylor Gilchrist

VP, Director of Relationship Marketing
Eaton Vance


Chris Barlow

VP eBanking
Webster Bank


Daniel Souers

eMarketing Director
MAX Credit Union

17:55 - 18:55 Cocktail Reception

18:55 - 23:59 Close of Omni-Channel & Big Data Day