NetFinance 2014 (past event)

27 - 29 April, 2014

 Microsoft , Singapore, FL


2014 AGENDA: Day 3: Customer Experience Day

07:30 - 08:20 Registration & Breakfast sponsored by comScore


Nathan Frederiksen

Director, comScore Marketing Solutions


Emilio Cristobal Rubio

Senior Vice President / Head of Customer Contact Center

How Do You Staff It?
Right now, the customer has the ability, through technology, to redefine convenience beyond geography. Do you know where your “virtual branch” is today? After looking at my organization, I found the “virtual branch” everywhere, on the PC, on the tablet, on the mobile, on VOIP, in Exchange……. get the picture. As the “virtual branch” explodes into every medium possible, one thing became clear, banks have been slow to integrate the service aspects of banking. This
integration needs to start in the call center. The call center needs to become the “Virtual Bank”, are you ready? This session will look at:

Virtual Branch:
• ATM – capabilities, capabilities, capabilities.
• Tele Bank – are you serious
• Internet Banking
• Mobile Capture / RDC– no more
• Mobile Banking
Bill Payment Service :
• Relationships – how digital changed the way we do business
• Skills – technical skills in higher demand
• Data – collecting the data is only part of the solution
• Staffing - how the explosion of banking mediums impact

Christopher Young

Director, Industry Strategy, Financial Services

Ashish Braganza

Director, Global Business Intelligence

09:25 - 09:35 NetFinance Benchmarking Questionnaire

09:35 - 09:55 Multi-Channel Branding: Integrating Website, Social and Branch Experience Across Virtual and Physical Delivery

Martha Acworth - CMO Salem Five Bank
Why Did Financial Brand Rank Salem Five Bank’s Website #1 In The Industry? A community bank in the Boston region topping a list full of national and global players? Because they listen, to
the needs and wants, likes and dislikes, of their target customers. Deep client insights have informed not just website design, and a social media presence, but the design of the branch experience as well, including a new boutique banking model. A holistic brand experience across convergent brand channels is essential to make the connection between the virtual and bricks and mortar experience. This session will address:

• Informed strategy in content and design - an affordable approach including competitive audits, user experience testing, and “listening posts”
• Continuous optimization - using data and analytics, practice and procedure, to draw valuable insights that help evolve your web site, and your brand, daily.
• Powerful branding opportunities across channels - from web tools like Live Chat and video content, to social media promotions, to distinctive community engagement and the critical store experience.

Martha Acworth

Salem Five Bank

09:55 - 10:30 Case Study: The Power of Integrated GeoMarketing

Wendi Sturgis - EVP Sales & Services Yext


Wendi Sturgis

EVP Sales & Services

Prototyping, Iterating & Utilizing Customer Feedback In The Most Effective Way In late 2013, Fidelity unveiled a preview of the first investing app for Google Glass. As participants in Google’s developer program, Fidelity’s R&D division, Fidelity Labs, was granted early access to Glass. As a result, they have used this opportunity to gain first mover advantage in wearable technology apps. The app is designed utilize the unique user interface offered by Google Glass. It’s use cases include the ability to watch market TV news, scroll financial headlines & receive market alerts. Furthermore, it utilizes voice and can also generate market quotes from a company’s logo. This session promises to really shake up your thoughts on wearable technology and how you can apply it to the financial services world.

Hadley Stern

Vice President
Fidelity Investments

Only bankers think of customers accessing channels; to banking
customers they are accessing the bank through various ways
that make sense to them and what they are doing. This session
examines how one back gathers feedback from many different
sources to serve the customer and to drive strategy across all

10:50 - 23:20 Morning Break in the Solutions Zone

23:20 - 11:20 Using Customized Social Media Content And Digital Channels To Customize The User Experience

Natalie Taylor - Vice President of Marketing Wedbush Securities Inc.
As a member of the Wedbush Executive Management Committee, and Co-Chair of Wedbush’s Corporate Giving Program, Natalie Taylor manages the firm’s dedicated marketing group and oversees the firm’s corporate communications and is responsible for the planning and execution of all marketing, advertising, and media relations activities.

Natalie Taylor takes an innovative approach to marketing, implementing social media and digital strategies that support traditional campaigns while providing a consistent brand message. Wedbush was one of the first financial institutions to fully embrace social media - approving it for business use firmwide. This session will go into her many years of social media experience to discuss how to create personalized & customized user experiences.


Natalie Taylor

Vice President of Marketing
Wedbush Securities Inc.

11:20 - 11:40 FIRE-SIDE CHAT: Determining How To Bring Digital To The Branch By Utilizing Mobile, NFC & Other Newer Technologies

The retail banking industry is at a key turning point. The cost of managing customers through massive branch networks is outstripping many banks’ ability to generate profits.
Meanwhile, a jaded consumer base increasingly interacts with their banks through virtual channels. Ultimately, these two forces will lead to new distribution models, customer experience platforms, crowd-sourced business models and other game-changing innovations that will redefine the banking industry.

This session will look at:
• Understanding where the starting point for the branch of the future begins
• Getting to grips with the KPIs/metrics to measure success & profitable
• How do you measure success in branch of the future?
• Investigating the latest technologies to deploy in the branch to create a more digital experience
• Examining what branches will look like in two, five & ten years time
SESSION # 1 – One-to-One Marketing - At Scale

SESSION #2 -- Email, Your Best Friend And Worst Enemy by Return Path

Chris Knoch

VP of Strategic Solutions


Ken Takahashi

General Manager, Email Brand Protection
Return Path

12:10 - 23:50 PANEL: Leveraging Social To Further Innovation In The Financial Services Industry To Improve Insight, Drive Loyalty, And Create Killer Customer Experiences

Bianca Buckridee - Social Media Operations Manager Chase Kip Wetzel - VP, Social Media Buisness Analytics Capital One
Kip Wetzel is the Vice President of Capital One's Enterprise Social Team. Kip is responsible for the cross-enterprise alignment, standardization, optimization, and strategic growth of Capital One's social presence. Kip focuses on collaborating with key Capital One business functions, defining social strategies that differentiate Capital One, and delivering measurable customer and business value through social media.

Prior to Capital One Kip drove Comcast's social media monitoring and engagement strategy with the @ComcastCares team. This session will look beyond how to drive followers & engaging communities. It will look at how you can incorporate social into your innovation pipeline. Stay tuned, this is going to be exciting.


Bianca Buckridee

Social Media Operations Manager


Kip Wetzel

VP, Social Media Buisness Analytics
Capital One

23:50 - 12:40 Beyond Customer Service: Using Data & Feedback To Drive Channel Strategy

Only bankers think of customers accessing channels; to banking customers they are accessing the bank through various ways that make sense to them and what they are doing. This session examines how one back gathers feedback from many different sources to serve the customer and to drive strategy across all channels.

12:40 - 13:00 Innovating & Accelerating Global Digital Marketing

Zeba Hyder - Head of Digital Marketing AIG
The session will showcase how the consumer division in a large company with a global digital footprint remains fast, flexible, nimble & innovative while effectively utilizing resources, containing costs and moving with the speed of light.

Zeba Hyder

Head of Digital Marketing

13:00 - 13:20 Discovering How To Take Advantage Of Online Video By Creating Compelling Content, Working With Third Parties & Effectively Engaging Users

Brian Piccolo - Manager, Digital Strategic Services Liberty Mutual Insurance


Brian Piccolo

Manager, Digital Strategic Services
Liberty Mutual Insurance

13:20 - 13:00 Lunch

13:00 - 14:20 Innovation Spotlights X2

TRACK A: Deals and Money Movement

14:20 - 14:40 The Impact Of Digital Currencies On The Financial Industry Boyd Stacey - Junior Economist BBVA Compass
Predicting how disruptive technologies evolve is not easy. Back in the late nineties, Napster shook the music industry by creating a platform where users around the world could exchange music in an mp3 format. The business model combined two innovations, the internet and digital music. Bitcoin, like Napster, is an evolution from a closed distribution network to quick and seamless open source environment and like Napster faces strong regulatory and legal headwinds. Although, large-scale adoption of virtual currency is unlikely in the immediate future, migration towards a regulated and secure virtual currency network is inescapable.

Today we believe the evolution in virtual and digital currencies will be similar to that of ITunes. The successful virtual currencies will strike a balance between convenience and compliance. Trust in the U.S. dollar comes from the strength of the economy and its institutions. Would people trust a currency that is backed by a private entity or an unknown developer? Would the average person
hold its savings in a digital wallet rather than a bank account that is insured by a deposit guarantee fund? Who will be accountable for a failure in the systems that create the digital currencies?

Nathaniel Karp, U.S. Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research for BBVA Compass, will discuss the challenges and opportunities a virtual currency poses for regulators and financial institutions.

Boyd Stacey

Junior Economist
BBVA Compass

TRACK A: Deals and Money Movement

14:20 - 14:40 Chairperson's Opening Address

14:40 - 14:20 Website Redesign: What Do You Need For Modern Online Performance?

Daniel Souers - eMarketing Director MAX Credit Union
How do you stay competitive in an increasingly digital society? What will consumers demand from your website in the future? How can your website increase revenue for your financial institution?

What best practices can we learn from other more technology-driven industries? Get a twenty-minute executive summary with the answers to these questions and more.

Daniel Souers

eMarketing Director
MAX Credit Union

14:20 - 15:00 Chairperson's Opening Address

15:00 - 14:25 Content Transformation: Implementing Highly Targeted Content Across Multiple Areas Of Distribution

Mitch Rose - . Financial Service Digital Consultant
Engineers may have figured out how to seamlessly distribute content across digital channels and even transform print into digital formats, but the efficient creation and adaptation of copy is still a struggle in many companies. We’re gaining new ways of managing our messages, distributing them, and displaying them in clever ways on multiple screens, but old methods of developing content, sending it though marketing review, and adapting it may not be enough. This session will address:
• How the traditional models of developing content in large enterprises with very independent LOBs is inefficient.
• Advanced content distribution presents branding challenges.
• The customer’s single view of a multiple-LOB brand and his/her expectations of content and brand consistency.
• Creating a new model of content development, adaptation, and distribution.

Mitch Rose

Financial Service Digital Consultant

14:25 - 15:40 Deals: Investigating Consumer Adoption, Getting Consumers To Sign Up & ROI For Merchant Funded Rewards

Mobile offers an unprecedented, real-time, always-on connection to customers. The bank is now literally in customers’ hands. Customers are making big and small financial decisions all the time regarding how they spend, what to save for, and everything in between.

The ancillary business models that financial institutions can now take advantage of will come through special offers. One of the core assets that financial institutions have is their access to and housing of big data. As a result, there are multi-billion dollar offers, deals and advertising markets out there to be capitalized on. However, in order to capitalize on such markets, financial institutions must overcome a number of obstacles that stand in the way. This session will look at how to link analytics to value add services, & how to translate data into knowledge.

15:40 - 16:00 Afternoon Networking Break

16:00 - 16:15 End of NetFinance 2014

16:15 - 14:45 9 Hole Golf Scramble

TRACK B: Content & Social Media

14:45 - 14:20 Using Gamification In A Financial Services Context To Build Loyalty & Create Greater Interaction With Users
Consumers are swarming to the mobile channel for delivery of all of their products and services. What impact is this having on the financial services category? What can you learn about how consumers are using their mobile phone to create a better user experience for your customers?

TRACK B: Content & Social Media

14:45 - 14:20 Social Customer Service Analytics: Where To Start, What Tools To Invest In, How To Create Tools If Your Budget Is $0 And How To Scale
Bianca Buckridee leads Social Media Operations at JPMorgan Chase, where she is responsible for building out the bank’s social customer service channels, including @ChaseSupport. Her team is the first at Chase to cross multiple lines of business – with specialists from Consumer & Business Banking, Credit Card Services and Home Lending. Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, Buckridee was at SunTrust Bank, where she launched their first social media engagement service team. Coupling these experiences, Buckridee has a strong track record of launching and aligning social service engagement strategies with other branding and public relations efforts.

Buckridee has been lauded as one of the pioneers and thought leaders in the social customer service field. She is a noted speaker, often championing the cause of incorporating social care into marketing and customer experience strategies. In September 2012, Buckridee was profiled in American Banker and in June 2013, Bank Innovation named her as an Innovator to Watch. In April 2013, her team earned a Webby Awards Honoree for Social Customer Service. In December 2013, Buckridee was honored by The Social Media Leadership Awards for demonstrating best practices in Banking.

14:20 - 14:40 Bianca Buckridee Social Presentation

14:40 - 16:55 Realizing Where P2P Is Headed

16:55 - 14:40 Close of NetFinance 2014

14:40 - 15:00 Website Redesign: What Do You Need For Modern Online Performance?

15:00 - 15:30 Afternoon Networking Break

15:30 - 16:10 Beyond Customer Service: Using Data & Feedback to Drive Channel Strategy

16:10 - 23:59 Determining How To Modernize Your Branding Efforts To Keep Up With The Evolving Consumer, While Managing Key Stakeholders Including Regulation & Compliance