NetFinance 2014 (past event)

27 - 29 April, 2014

 Microsoft , Singapore, FL


Richard Simons

Creative Virtual USA
Originally from the UK, Richard Simons established the business for Creative Virtual in the United States of America, signing clients such as E*Trade, other leading US banks, Verizon, Intuit and CA Technologies. Richard has been in the information technology and computer software industry for over 20 years. Prior to his six years currently at Creative Virtual, he spent six years as Chief of Operations for MBG Expense Management, which provides leading outsourced and on-demand telecom and IT expense management solutions. Prior to that, he was VP Sales at Systems Union, now part of Infor, for 10 years.  He studied Chemistry and Management at Queen Elizabeth College in London and exited early to start his entrepreneurial career. Richard is married with two children and currently resides in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. He is a skilled sailor, and enjoys being out on the water in his free time.

12:35 3x Micro Sessions

SESSION # 1 – Creating the Digital Bank of Tomorrow: Launching Backbase Engage

Banking as we know it is changing. Mergers and acquisitions. Software companies like Google and Paypal moving into the financial space and new entrants such as Moven and recently acquired Simple are targeting the customers. Banks need to keep up. To help banks and credit unions to deliver a Simple like omni-channel banking experience, Backbase is launching Backbase Engage at Netfinance 2014. A out of the box direct bank, ready for the next level of banking.

In this presentation, we will share our vision and best practices in implementing the Bank of Tomorrow. With a strong focus on digital and mobile banking, the omni-channel customer journey and how to improve customer loyalty and retention when working in the new era of engagement banking. We will offer clear guidelines in delivering a new Bank 2.0 customer experience that puts your bank on the level of Amazon, Facebook and Apple: exactly what the modern day banking customer expects from financial institutions.

SESSION # 2 – Creative Virtual USA: Talk Type and Tap to get Personalized Answers in Any Channel
SESSION # 3 – Omni Channel Sales & Marketing for Financial Services

Since 2008, the financial services industry landscape has changed – drastically. Customer loyalty? It’s fading fast. New competitors? They’re entering quickly and are here to stay. Customer expectations? They never stop rising. Budgets? Tighter than ever. As a result, the pressures to manage costs, improve efficiencies, and maximize return on equity – all within a highly regulated environment, are greater than ever. In other words – financial services needs to raise its compete level.

In turn, the pressure on digital performance professionals has become unrelenting. That’s because the applications and infrastructure that underpins virtually every aspect of the financial services industry has continued to evolve and accelerate, changing how companies acquire, retain, and expand relationships with customers.

At this case study presentation, learn how 2 of the world’s leading brands have implemented digital performance optimization strategies that yielded technological improvements and impressive financial results.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Richard.

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